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Emerging From the Pandemic: Constants Among Change

According to a recent article published in Forbes, Brian Dumaine said, “If you were designing a company from scratch that could capitalize on a global crisis, it would probably look a lot like Amazon…. Almost overnight, Amazon ramped up its already huge online retail...

Adjust Your Business to the Changing Times

Let’s face it: every business is going to be/has been impacted by COVID-19. What has been incredibly inspiring to me throughout this whole experience is watching how some of the hardest-hit businesses have gotten creative and replaced revenue streams impacted with new...

Great Content in 6 Steps: The Secret Formula

What are your favorite pages on social media that you follow? If they are brands, have you wondered how their content is created and distributed? Did their social manager wake up today and decide to do a #TrendingTuesday post pushing out their latest t-shirts for the...

How Should I Distribute my Marketing Budget?

We get asked this a lot at Slantics Advertising. One of the things that set us apart is that we don’t know the answer right away! Here are the things we need to know before we can tell you where you need to allocate those dollars: 1. Is your brand on point? Promoting...

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