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Case Study
Life, Inc. Retirement Services

Who is Life, Inc.?

Life Inc., Retirement Services provides customized, comprehensive, retirement solutions to companies and corporations of all sizes. They don’t stop there- take it a step further by educating your employees on retirement benefits available to them and how to enroll.


Landing Page Design


Social Media Marketing

Paid Advertising



marketing strategy

Businesses today need a strong digital footprint to excel. There’s too much competition for businesses to overlook the power and potential of digital marketing. A marketing plan that incorporates a digital strategy can mean the difference between rising to the top of an industry and lagging behind. Digital marketing helps businesses achieve their goals – from new client acquisition and brand visibility to revenue generation and more. Life Inc. uses the power of branding, content marketing, and paid advertising to market to the correct target audience and generate leads.


We relaunched the brand with a new look by refining and modernizing  the same branding concept everyone already associated with Life, Inc.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is used to increase reach, engagement, and sales, and gather market insights for Life, Inc. .

Open New Locations

4 locations were added and Life, Inc. Retirement Services is growing nationally. 

Social Media Management

Content marketing is used in Life, Inc.’s marketing strategy to increase brand visibility and awareness, create loyalty and trust, build credibility, and develop lasting relationships with their audience.

Landing Pages & Website

Slantics redesigned the landing pages for lead generation and relaunched a newly designed website for Life, Inc. in January 2020!


Life Inc. came to us with an already established brand that needed a little overhaul to keep up with modern brand principles. To do this we kept the brand easily recognizable, but updated the logo, fonts, colors, tone, voice, and visuals in a way that resonates with their target market. 


Recognizable but modernized


Geared specifically toward target market


Update brand board

Update Brand Board

Changing the fonts, colors, logo, and photography were the first steps in creating a consistent visual identity people would recognize. 

Establish Tone & Voice

The way a brand speaks to its audience plays a huge role on the impact of your marketing. Establishing a consistent and strategic tone and voice for Life, Inc. will ensure that the brand is communicating with its target audience in a way that is relatable and easy to understand. 

Redesign Landing Pages & Website

The final step in relaunching the new brand was updating the landing pages and website to present information in a way that reflects the newly established branding guidelines and simplifies their message so that all potential clients understand the company and book a consultation.  

Behind the strategy

Life Inc., Retirement Services has been a brand that has grown right beside us and it’s been a lot of fun. We particularly enjoy working with this brand because the goal was to find the secret sauce and duplicate our campaigns into new markets which is a passion of ours. We were able to help them accomplish this by implementing a comprehensive Google and social ad strategy, launching and evaluating test campaigns, designing and implementing a brand evolution, and maintaining a consistent content and social media strategy. 

The numbers

Offices Added

Google Ads Conversion Rate Percentage

Social Link Clicks for Appointment Request

According to Venngage, consistent branding increases revenue by 23%.

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