Our story begins here.

Dreams have this silly habit of living on the cusp of tomorrow.

We fight, trying as we might, to filter the noise.

Eventually we make progress.

We find our calling.

Before long we realize …

… it was just a butt dial.

Before long we realize …

… it was just a butt dial.

And so we try, try again.


Soon realizing we weren’t meant to follow.

We were meant to lead.

Slantics was born from a combination of two simple words. These two words would go to take on the life of two dreams, dreams which have ruminated for years. In today’s world, years can be equal to a lifetime. In order to stay relevant, Slantics has changed many times over. Freelancing to podcasting, copywriting to an agency of its own.

When asked what’s in a name, we wanted it to have value and merit. A name must inspire thought. It must provoke opinion. When spoken aloud, Slantics will cause a held tilt, a moment of introspection. “That’s an interesting name!” we’ll hear. “What do you do?”

We’re glad you asked.

We were meant to inspire.

Unlike a lot of agencies, we don’t believe our work is intrinsically valuable. The simple fact of the matter is that just because we spent dozens of hours designing and developing a web platform for a client, that does not have a direct correlation to what you see or what your customers and clients see.

The value you receive from Slantics is in the relationship we develop with one another. If we’re out-of-sync, the quality of our work will reflect that. Trends don’t equate to growth, pretty as they might look. Our goal is to get you, so we can get your customer. Inspiration comes from understanding.

We were meant to change the world.

Okay, so we might be exaggerating just a bit there, but in a global economy like the one in which we’re living, sometimes it can be difficult to feel like you’re being heard.

We hear you loud and clear.

We also get small business. Not every decision is as simple as signing a work order. Sometimes you have to ask yourself what you’re going to have to go without in order to grow. When every dollar counts, trying something new can be scary. Which is why we want to be on your team.

Your success is our own. Your growth helps us grow. Every step of the process, from conception to completion, is designed to alleviate trepidation of the process. This is how we provide value to you.

Let us change your world.

Hire Us

We specialize in conversations. Let's start one together.

Hire Us

We specialize in conversations. Let's start one together.