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According to a recent article published in Forbes, Brian Dumaine said, “If you were designing a company from scratch that could capitalize on a global crisis, it would probably look a lot like Amazon…. Almost overnight, Amazon ramped up its already huge online retail business to meet a surge in orders as customers hunkered down and were stuck at home, forcing them to turn to the web for essential supplies.”

Every week, entrepreneurs are hoping that the business community starts to gradually emerge and start the recovery process from the chaos induced by the pandemic. One of the major challenges of the past four months was short-sightedness. Brick and mortar stores that were flourishing quickly realized that maybe they did in fact need an online store to be bulletproof. Now that things are starting to reopen the question is, “How do we market strategically and effectively during this time?”

Marketing naturally has many working parts to maintain with quickly changing technology, algorithms, globalization, tariffs, industry regulations and guidelines, political instability, and conflicting opinions. Add to that list an unforeseen and rapid economic shutdown and it’s easy to see how determining how to move forward with your marketing could be confusing. To combat the instability in the current climate, it is important to focus on the things that won’t be changing anytime soon- or the “constants”. Constants are a very strategic tool during periods of fast and unpredictable change. You may not be able to predict what happens next, but you can navigate through it by determining, leveraging, and marketing your constants. Well thought out and implemented plans developed before Covid-19 were abandoned because a lot of organizations had no choice but to focus on merely surviving the immediate threats. Taking a moment to study and understand the constants in your business can reconnect you and your team to your strategy.

To determine your new constants, compare your customers’ needs before the pandemic and after the pandemic. Covid-19 threw business owners for a loop when entire sections of the economy and businesses were unable to operate over night-many without a backup plan. At the moment this happened, what customer needs didn’t change? Ask yourself what your current customers are trying to solve with your products/service and determine who needs your expertise the most during this economical state. Look at the needs. Look at what changed. Look at what stayed the same. You can find certainty and clarity on how to move forward by finding the constants.

Coming out of the crisis on the right side of things will require strategic planning and the decisions you make now can help shape your emergence. As you navigate the recovery stages of the economical crisis, you need to connect draw the lines between how today’s actions will define and shape future outcomes. Finding solutions that keep your business moving now will help you short term and long term should something similar happen again in the future. Keep moving forward.

If you are struggling to find the constants in your business and how you can leverage them in your marketing to remain profitable, schedule a call with Slantics today!